Being ball-less is
no longer an excuse.

Do you know someone who needs balls or the courage to do what is right?

With our prepackaged set of balls, neatly packed into a tea bag, we provide you with a witty and impactful way to send a message to someone who you think needs to have a stark reminder to have the balls to do what is right.

Of course, Teabagz are just so darn cute, you might just want a set for yourself, a special or not so special friend for a chuckle, companionship or whatever you might think of.

  • Individually packed "bite-sized" rubber testicles with tea bag like hang tag.
  • Made of 100% rubber.
  • Approximately 1.75" diameter.
(Yes, we really will help you send Teabagz anonymously to anyone you want, guaranteed ...)

Send a set to your favorite politician or lawmaker...

...or perhaps your favorite rightwinger?

Know any CEOs who f**ked things up big time? Well then maybe he needs balls!

Ladies: send one to your lame ex... the one that keeps calling you still

Your buddy is about to get married... sounds like he needs some balls!

Got an GF in a different city? Give her a little something to remember you by


It was only a matter of time that we citizens had a most appropriate tool or physical message to send to politicians to share a piece of our mind with them. What better way to influence a politician than to send them a million sets of rubber testicles with the message to change, and do what’s right?!

Turns out, not only politicians need a set of balls. We’ve received countless inquiries requesting that we make these danglers available to friends and foes alike. Pampered testicles in a jar are available at www.buballs.com for a quick brew, grab a set or two, or more, here

Whose balls are those?
Whose balls are those?

Let’s just say a good ol’ American friend lost a bet, and shall remain nameless (and shamelessly embarrassed).

Gimme an example of who I should send them to?
Gimme an example of who I should send them to?

a. Whose in the headlines today?

b. Check out whose getting them now

Who won’t you send them to?
Who won’t you send them to?

No one. While potentially, shall we say, sensitive, our position is to remain neutral, facilitating the sending of messages intended to make a point, with a touch of humor.

Will recipients know it was me who sent them?
Will recipients know it was me who sent them?

Only if you ask that we disclose your details. Otherwise your identity will be kept confidential.

What is it made of?
What is it made of?

100% rubber. And touches of irony and humor.

How are they packed?
How are they packed?

Individually in teabagz.

Can I paint them?
Can I paint them?

That’s up to you.

What accessories are available for these cute and cuddly things?
What accessories are available for these cute and cuddly things?

A range of accessories is being developed. Pillows and sacks are available at www.buballs.com. When we have a chance we anticipate developing a host of fun accessories to decorate and accessorize your Teabagz and BuBalls.


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Sack Me? Sack You!
He'll get used to the taste on this side of the equation
Keepers! Teabagz not allowed to be sold at his auction - HE NEEDS THEM
2022 Poster?
Spot the difference!
Comparison Shopping?
Get away from my Teabagz!
This ball is mine!
A resting Teabagz
Teabagz on the chair
Teapot with Teabagz
Teabagz wants to eat
Teabagz in relationship
Flower loves Teabagz!
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